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     "St. Augustine, FL"
     St. Augustine, Florida

    St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest city in the United States, founded in 1565 by a Spanish Explorer named Pedro Menendez. A small settlement survived under the Spanish rule. This area was already occupied by the Timucuan Indians A fort, named Castillo De San Marcus was built to protect the settlement from attacks from the French and English. Politics took St. Augustine from Spanish control and returned it back to England in 1763. Menedez colonized the area and converted the Timicuans and destroyed the French 55 years before the Pilgrims' landing and 42 years before the colony at Jamestown. Castillo De San Marcus survived numerous attacks from the French, Sir Francis Drake (Englishman) and pirate Captain John Davis Sir Francis Drake burned the city and destroyed the food crops. Captain John Davis attacked the town, killing 60 inhabitants. More major attacks occurred, one by Governor James Moore of South Carolina in 1702 and again in 1740 by General James Oglethorpe of Georgia. In 1763 Spain ceded Florida to England in order to regain the capital of Cuba, starting a British reign in Florida for twenty years. It was at that time the American Revolution began with Florida being ever so loyal to England, "the Crown." Under terms in the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Florida was given back to the Spanish for another 37 years. Then Spain sold Florida to the United States of America. Shortly thereafter, St. Augustine suffered many terrible setbacks, but still survived. A Yellow Fever epidemic killed many newcomers in1821. Many battles and uprisings by the Seminole Indians resulted in the war of 1836, named the Seminole War, which destroyed the further development of the city. In the year of 1845 Florida was admitted to the Union. Castillo De San Marcus was renamed in honor of a Revolutionary war hero. St. Augustine was beginning yet again to prosper when the Civil War started. . During the Civil War, St. Augustine was under Union rule.

    After the Civil War ended, a millionaire named Henry Flager arrived with new ideas and plans for one of the most lavish hotels known to mankind at that era. His idea was to make the town a lavish resort for the leisure traveler. After his arrival in 1885, the hotel marked a beginning of a golden era for the citizens of St. Augustine. Henry Flagler was also the co-founder of the Standard Oil Company with John D. Rockefeller. A rich man indeed, he wanted to make St. Augustine a playground for the rich and famous. He started the Florida East Coast Railway, a transportation link from St. Augustine to New York. When this link was complete, northern visitors could reach St. Augustine in two days. This, in turn, opened the way for many rich and famous people to visit and with it came the Industrial Age, since materials could be shipped via railway fast and easily. Five U.S. Presidents stayed at the beautiful hotel, named "Ponce de Leon", for the famous explorer.

    See the many sites around St. Augusitine. The Castllo De San Marcus, Fort Matanzas, landmark cross and the legendary Fountain of Youth, Oldest House, The Oldest Store Museum, Authentic Old Jail, The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, Potter's Wax Museum, Alligator Farm, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Zorayda Castle, and The Lighthouse Museum.

     Casa de Gallegos
     21 St. George St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     This is a tabby house, built in the 1750s.

     Casa de Gomez
     23 St. George St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     A Spanish soldier and his family occupied this wooden house in the 1750s.

     Castillo De San Marcos National Monument
     Castillo Dr., Avenida Menendez, SR A1A and US 1
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-6506
     A monument for the oldest masonry fort in the United States built of coquina in 1672-95.

     Cathedral of St. Augustine
     Cathedral St., faces the plaza
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-2806
     This is the seat of the oldest Catholic parish in the nation.

     Cross and Sword
     SR A1A, Cross and Sword Amphitheatre
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 471-1965
     The theatre presents a 2-hour musical pageant by Paul Green, showing a reenactment of the founding of St. Augustine in 1565.

     De Hita/Gonzalez Houses
     37 St. George St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     This Spanish colonial home houses demonstrations and exhibits.

     De Mesa/Sanchez Site
     St. Augustine, Florida
     37 St. george St.
     From this two-roomed coquina house, much information has contributed about the area from its excavation.

     Florida Heritage Museum
     167 San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904)829-3800 or (800)397-4071
     The museum shows Florida's growth from Indian cultures to the Flagler era.

     Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park
     155 Magnolia Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-3168
     A park on the site claimed to be the landing place of Ponce de Leon on April 3, 1513.

     Government House Museum
     48 King St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 825-5033
     The museum shows the area history by a chronological series of exhibits and presentations.

     Historic Dr. Peck House
     143 St. George St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-5064
     The house has early Spanish artifacts and Peck family furnishings from the 18th century.

     Historic Old Jail
     167 San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904)829-3800 or (800)397-4071
     The jail shows displays which illustrate what prison life was like in early St. Augustine and houses a large collection of weapons.

     Historic Old Jail Complex
     167 San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904)829-3800 or (800)397-4071
     The center offers the Florida Heritage Museum, the jail, and the St. Augustine Historical Tours.

     Lightner Museum
     King and Cordova Sts.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-2874
     The museum used to be a former Alcazar Hotel and then Otto C. Lightner, of Hobbies magazine converted it into a museum to contain his collections of art and antiques.

     Marineland of Florida
     SR A1A, 18 mi. south of St. Augustine
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904)471-1111 or (800)824-4218
     The marineland offers continuous programs, featuring performing dolphins and the hand-feeding of saltwater fish.

     Memorial Presbyterian Church
     atValencia and Sevilla Sts.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     This Venetian Renaissance Church was built by Henry Flagler as a memorial to his daughter in 1890.

     Mission of Nombre De Dios
     San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-2809
     A 208-foot cross marks the site of the founding of St. Augustine.

     Museum of Weapons and Early American History
     81-C King St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-3727
     The museum exhibits weapons of all types and artifacts relating to American history.

     North American Top-Gun
     St. Augustine Airport on US 1
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 823-3505
     The area offers rides and air-to-air combat training in World War II fighter-type aircraft.

     Oldest House
     14 St. Francis St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-2872
     The house is known as the Gonzalez-Alvarez House dating back to the early 1700s.

     Oldest Store Museum
     4 Artillery Ln.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-9729
     The store has over 100,000 items from the store's original stock and holds antique vehicles.

     Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse
     14 St. George St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-0192
     The schoolhouse was built from 1750-60 of cedar and cypress, and is said to be one of the nation's oldest.

     Plaza De La Constitucion
     bordered by Cathedral, King, Charlotte, and St. George Sts.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     This is the site where the slave market was held and where the business section of the Old City was built.

     Portman Arms Museum
     400 Ponce de Leon Blvd. S. (US 1)
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 825-0900
     The arms museum houses a collection over 650 firearms from around the world.

     Potter's Wax Museum
     17 King St., facing the plaza
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-9056
     The museum houses over 170 life-size figures showing historic significance of persons and events.

     Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum
     19 San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-1606
     The museum contains oddities collected by Robert Ripley.

     Sightseeing Trains
     170 San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-6545
     This train tour has stop-offs at major points of interests over a 7-mile tour.

     Spanish Military Hospital
     3 Aviles St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 825-6380
     This sites house the reconstruction of a military hospital during the second Spanish colonial period.

     St Augustine and St. Johns County Visitor Information
     10 Castillo Dr.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 825-1000

     St. Augustine Alligator Farm
     SR A1a, Anastasia Island
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-3337
     The farm houses a complete collection of 22 crocodilian species.

     St. Augustine Historical Tours
     167 San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904)829-3800 or (800)397-4071
     The tours have tours lasting from 2 hours to 2 days offering seven different narrated tours.

     St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, The
     SR A1A, Old Beach Rd., Anastasia Island
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-0745
     This attraction features a restored lightkeeper's house turned into a museum and a lighthouse with 214 stairs to the top for a beautiful panorama view of St. Augustine.

     St. Augustine's Restored Spanish Quarter Museum
     33 St. George St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 825-6830
     The center has restored and reconstructed buildings which reflect different aspects of Spanish colonial life.

     Tolomato Cemetery (Old Spanish Cemetery)
     Cordova St. between Orange and Saragossa Sts.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     The site served as a Christian Indian village of Tolomato and it also served as a Catholic burial ground during 1784-1892.

     Ximenez-Fatio House
     20 Aviles St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 829-3575
     The house was a well-preserved merchant's house and store during the Second Spanish Period and was operated as an inn in the Territorial Period.

     Zero Milestone
     Castillo Dr. and San Marco Ave.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     A coquina ball marks the eastern terminus, linking the missions of St. Augustine and Pensacola.

     Zorayda Castle
     83 King St.
     St. Augustine, Florida
     (904) 824-3097
     Inspired by the 12th-century Spanish/Moorish palace Alhambra, millionaire Franklin Smith built this castle as his home in 1883.

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