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     "New York, NY"
     New York, New York
     Sure it's king of the hill; top of the heap. Known as the Big Apple, New York has one of America's most dense populations. The state is divided into 62 counties. Founded as one of the original states of the Union. The state contains the Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes and extensive woodlands and forests in the northeast. The city of New York was inaugurated in the state as the first U.S. president. The city is filled with people, sports teams, fashion, culture, entertainment, and some world-class attractions and visitor destinations.

     Alice Austen House
     Hylan Blvd.
     New York-Richmond-Statan Island, New York
     (718) 816-4506
     This restored Victorian house was built in the 1890s and Alice Austen lived there from 1866 to 1929.

     Alice Tully Hall
     corner of Broadway and 65th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 875-5050
     The Chamber of Music Society of Lincoln Center is housed here.

     American Academy of Arts and Letters
     633 W. 155 St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 368-5900
     The center contains three exhibits of art every year.

     American Craft Museum
     40 West 53rd Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 956-3535
     The museum offers exhibits about American crafts.

     American Museum of Natural History
     Central Park West at 79th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 769-5100
     The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world's preeminent institutions for scientific research and education, with collections of more than 32 million specimens and artifacts.

     American Museum of the Moving Image
     35th Ave. and 36th St.
     New York-Queens, New York
     (718)784-0077 or 784-4777
     The museum contains exhibits about television, video, motions pictures, and digital media.

     American Numismatic Society
     Broadway at 155th Street
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 234-3130
     The American Numismatic Society maintains the country's foremost collection of coins, paper money and medals and promotes all aspects of numismatic research and learning. Our collection covers all periods and all regions of the world. In addition, the ANS libraray holds the most comprehensive collection of numismatic literature in the world. Visitors are welcome at our exhibition galleries and membership information is available on our web-site.

     Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 265-3474
     The aquarium offers exhibits of marine life in indoor tanks and in outdoor pools.

     Asia Society and Museum
     725 Park Avenue at 70th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 288-6400
     The galleries offers changing exhibits of Asian art.

     Audubon Terrace Museum Group
     Broadway at 155th St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     The center contains 5 museum on various displays and exhibits.

     Avery Fisher Hall
     corner of Columbus Avenue and 65th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 721-6500
     New York Philharmonic Orchestra's home is here.

     Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum
     895 Shore Rd.
     New York-The Bronx, New York
     (718) 885-1461
     The museum is furnished in its period and was founded from 1836 to 1842.

     Battery Park
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     The park was a fort founded in 1624 by the first Dutch settlers.

     Bowery, The
     E. 4th St.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     This district was once New York's liveliest district and is now a homeless habitat.

     Bronx Community College
     University Ave. and W. 181st St.
     New York-The Bronx, New York
     (718) 885-1461
     The college contains the Hall of Fame for Great Americans.

     Bronx Zoo (International Wildlife Conservation Park)
     Fordham Rd.
     New York-The Bronx, New York
     (718) 367-1010
     The zoo offers over 600 species of animals in naturalistic environments.

     Brooklyn Botanic Garden
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 622-4433
     The garden contains several gardens and a bonsai museum.

     Brooklyn Children's Museum
     145 Brooklyn Ave.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718)735-4400 or 735-4402
     The museum offers over 77,000 artifacts that children can touch.

     Brooklyn History Museum
     128 Pierrepont St. at Clinton St.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 624-0890
     The museum contains exhibits about the history of Brooklyn and its following areas.

     Brooklyn Museum
     Eastern Pkwy. and Washington Ave.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 638-5000
     The art museum offers collections of art and American paintings.

     Castle Clinton National Monument
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 344-7220
     This monument is dedicated to the 1811 West Battery Fort which defended New York Harbor.

     Cathedral of St. John the Divine
     1047 Amsterdam Avenue
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 316-7464
     The cathedral began in 1892 and is built entirely of stone.

     Central Park
     14 E. 60th St.
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212)427-4040 or 360-3456
     The park offers 840 acres of recreational fun.

     Children's Museum of Manhattan
     212 West 83rd Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 721-1234
     The museum contains exhibits which teach our children the creative process.

     Mott, Pell, and Doyers sts.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     This part of the city includes Chinese shops and restaurants with plenty of crowds.

     City Hall
     Chambers St. and Broadway
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 788-4636
     Near this building the Declaration of Independence was read to the Army.

     Cloisters, The
     Henry Hudson Pkwy.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 923-3700
     Barristers chambers specialising in civil law. Practice areas include employment, personal injury (PI), clinical negligence, commercial, sport, public and administrative, defamation. All of the above are practised within the new environment of the Human Rights Act 1998.

     Columbia University
     2960 Broadway
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 854-1754
     The university was founded as King's College in 1754 and includes several colleges within.

     Con Edison Conservation Center
     405 Lexington Ave.
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 599-3435
     The center offers exhibits aobut energy-solving ideas.

     Coney Island's Astroland Amusement Park
     Ocean Pkwy. and Surf Ave.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 265-2100
     The amusement park offers several fun rides like the famous Cyclone roller coaster since 1927.

     Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum-Smithsonian Institution
     Fifth Ave. and 91st St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 860-6868
     The only museum in the U.S. devoted exclusively to the study of historical and contemporary design, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum recognizes that individuals, societies, and the natural environment are linked through design.

     Cypress Hills National Cemetery
     Jamaica and Hale aves.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     The cemetery offers the original 3,170 graves of Civil War casualties.

     Dyckman House
     204th St. and Broadway
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 304-9422
     The house was built in 1784 and is the only Dutch farmhouse on Manhattan Island.

     Ellis Island
     52 Vanderbilt Avenue
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 269-5755 or 363-7620
     Between 1892 and 1924 over 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York. Now you can research passenger records from ships that brought the Immigrants -- even see the original manifests with Passengers' names.

     Empire State Building
     350 Fifth Avenue
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 736-3100
     This 1931 art deco building is one of the world's tallest office buildings.

     Federal Hall National Memorial
     Wall and Nassau sts.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 825-6888
     The memorial is on the first site of the U.S. Capitol and was built in 1842.

     Federal Reserve Bank
     33 Liberty St.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 720-6130
     The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks which, together with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., comprise the Federal Reserve System.

     Flushing Meadows Corona Park
     New York-Queens, New York
     (718)760-6200 or 760-6565
     The park contained the World Fairs in 1939-40 and 1964-65, and has recreation fun for all ages.

     Fordham University
     Third Ave. at E. Fordham Rd.
     New York-The Bronx, New York
     (718) 817-1000
     The university was known as an independent Jesuit university since its founding in 1841.

     Fort Green Park
     Myrtle and DeKalb aves.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     The park contains Martyrs' Monument which is dedicated to Continental soldiers who died in Wallabout Bay on British prison ships.

     Fraunces Tavern Museum
     54 Pearl St. at Broad
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     The museum was a tavern in 1762 and founded in 1719.

     Frick Collection
     1 East 70th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 288-0700
     The center contains exhibits of Henry Clay Frick's items.

     Garment District
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     An alternative Department Store. We carry Vintage, 60's & 70's and Contemporary used clothing for men and Women.

     General Grant National Memorial
     Riverside Dr. and 122nd St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 666-1640
     The memorial is a tomb for President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife.

     Gramercy Park
     E. 20th St.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     The park is a private park since 1831.

     Grand Central Terminal
     42nd St.
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     The center is on 79 acres of where thousands of people pass through every day.

     Greenwich Village
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 989-2020
     New York City's Greenwich-Village.Com is an interactive travel, tourism and entertainment guide to Greenwich Village, New York, the most famous neighborhood in the world. Updated regularly, we feature clubs, restaurants, shops, tours, maps, night life and more for tourists and residents alike.

     Guggenheim Museum SoHo
     575 Broadway at Prince St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 423-3500
     The museum displays a permanent collection of the architect Arata Isozaki.

     Harbor Defense Museum at Fort Hamilton
     4th Ave.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 630-4349
     The museum exhibits a collection of displays about the history of Fort Hamilton and New York City's other forts.

     Hispanic Society of America
     613 W. 155th St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 926-2234
     The society contains of Spanish and Portuguese arts

     Historic Richmondtown
     Richmond Rd. and Clove Rd.
     New York-Richmond-Statan Island, New York
     (718) 351-1611
     This 100-acre restored village is a recreation of life life back then.

     International Center of Photography
     Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 857-0000
     The center contains exhibits devoted to photgraphy.

     International Center of Photography
     1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 857-0000
     The center contains exhibits on photography.

     Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum
     Pier 86 12th Ave. and 46th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 245-0072
     One of the most successful, battle-tested ships in U.S. history is now one of the most unique attractions in New York City. Berthed on the mighty Hudson River in Manhattan, the Museum consists of diverse sea, air and space exhibits. Building on the long and distinguished history of the aircraft carrier U.S.S.Intrepid, the Museum offers a glimpse back to a time when the future of the free world hedged on these great ships. Together with the destroyer U.S.S.Edson and the guided missile submarine U.S.S.Growler, visitors are treated to an inside look of life at sea, past, present and future.

     Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, The
     32-37 Vernon Blvd.
     New York-Queens, New York
     (718) 204-7088
     The museum offers sculpture in 12 galleries and an outdoor garden.

     Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
     338 Lighthouse Ave.
     New York-Richmond-Statan Island, New York
     (718) 987-3500
     The art museum exhibits art objects and paintings of Tibetan art.

     Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
     New York-Queens, New York
     (817) 318-4340
     This wildlife refuge contains various habitats of about 329 species.

     Japan Society
     333 East 47th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 832-1155 or 752-3015
     The society has exhibits contemporary and traditional Japanese art.

     Jewish Museum
     1109 Fifth Ave. at 92nd St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 423-3200
     The museum is said to be the largest museum of its kind in the world besides Israels'

     John Street United Methodist Church
     44 John St.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 269-0014
     In 1768, the church was named as the Wesley Chapel and is known to be the oldest Methodist society in America.

     Juilliard School, The
     60 Lincoln Center Plaza
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 799-5000
     The Juilliard School is one of the foremost performing arts institutions in the world. This private conservatory of the performing arts offers programs through the Divisions of Dance, Drama, and Music from its campus at Lincoln Center in New York City, as well as Pre-College and Evening Division studies.

     Lefferts Homestead
     Flatbush Ave.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 965-6505
     The museum offers American furnishings and other items from the 1820s.

     Lincoln Center for the Preforming Arts
     20919 Denny Road
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (501) 821-7275
     The center covers 14 acres and offers eduactional and artistic institutions.

     Little Church Around the Corner
     One East 29th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 684-6770
     The church meets regularly and offers tours of its site.

     Lower East Side Tenement Museum
     97 Orchard St.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 431-0233
     The Tenement Museum focuses on America's urban immigrant history. The Museum's site features program information, directions, hours and online tickets and reservations.

     Madison Square Garden
     7th Avenue
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 465-6741
     World's Most Famous Arena, located in New York City, ultimate sports directory, best music and entertainment, ticket information and event calendar, Knicks, Rangers, Liberty,CityHawks.

     MetLife Building
     One Madison Avenue
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     The building is one of the larest office buildings in the world.

     Metropolitan Museum of Art
     1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 535-7710
     The Metropolitan Museum of Art Web site features information on upcoming museum events, fine art exhibits, special exhibitions, the Met collection and art galleries online.

     Metropolitan Opera House
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 362-6000
     This is the home of the Metropolitan Opera.

     Morris-Jumel Mansion
     65 Jumel Terr.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 923-8008
     The mansion served as American and British army headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

     Museum of American Financial History
     24 Broadway
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 908-4519
     Puts a financial perspective on national events that have shaped America, for example, the Revolution, the Civil War and the development of the West. Tells the stories behind the people, the companies, and the capital markets that played major roles.

     Museum of American Folk Art
     2 Lincoln Sq. and Columbus Ave.
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212)977-7298 or 977-7170
     The art museum offers six major folk art exhibits for a year.

     Museum of Modern Art, The
     11 West 53 Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 708-9400
     A constantly evolving site, features information on exhibitions, online art projects, images from its collection; plus, The MoMA Online Store, free E-Cards and E-News.

     Museum of Television and Radio
     25 West 52 Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 621-6800
     A nonprofit museum founded by William S. Paley to collect and preserve television and radio programs and to make them available to the public.

     Museum Ships
     Piers 15 and 16
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     The museum offers you a tour of these historic ships.

     National Academy of Design
     1083 Fifth Ave. at 89th St.
     New York-Upper Manhattan, New York
     (212) 369-4880
     One of the oldest arts institutions in the country, founded in 1825. The National Academy of Design has built the fourth largest institutional assemblage of American art in the country consisting of 2,200 paintings, 240 sculptures, and approximately 5,000 works on paper, by over 1,500 artists. This extensive collection of American nineteenth- and twentieth-century works of painting, sculpture, printing, engraving and architecture are housed in a turn-of-the-century, Beaux-Arts Manhattan townhouse.

     National Museum of the American Indian
     One Bowling Green
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 514-3700
     The museum offers one of the largest collections of Indian artifacts since prehistoric times.

     NBC Studio Tours
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212)664-4000 or 664-7174
     The studio offers a 1-hour tour of the production areas.

     New Museum of Contemporary Art, The
     583 Broadway
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 219-1222
     The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York exhibits new work by American and international artists. Its goal is to emphasize innovation in a variety of media and question the role and function of the museum in contemporary culture.

     New York Botanical Garden
     200th St. and Southern Blvd.
     New York-The Bronx, New York
     (718) 817-8700
     The garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world and was founded in 1891.

     New York City Fire Museum
     100 Old Slip
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 691-1303
     The museum shows exhibits about the New York City Fire Department and the Home Insurance Co.

     New York City Transit Museum
     Boerum Pl. and Schermerhorn St.
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718) 243-8601
     The museum contains memorabilia and exhibits on the history of the city's subway and bus systems.

     New York Hall of Science
     111th St. and 46th Ave.
     New York-Queens, New York
     (718) 699-0005
     The center offers exhibits for children to learn from about science and technology.

     New York Historical Society
     2 West 77th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 873-3400
     Welcome to The New-York Historical Society. The New York Historical Society is New York City's oldest museum and historical society.

     New York Public Library
     42nd St. and Fifth Ave.
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 930-0800
     Information about the programs, services, and collections of The New York Public Library, along with access to its catalogs and other information databases.

     New York Public Library for The Preforming Arts
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 870-1630
     The library contains extensive collections on the Preforming Arts.

     New York Skyride
     350 5th Ave.
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 279-9777
     The center offers a flight-simulated show of a skyride through New York City.

     New York State Theater
     Columbus Ave. and 63rd St.
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     The theater shows the New York City Opera and the New York City Ballet.

     New York Stock Exchange
     20 Broad St.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 656-3000
     There is buttonwood tree which symbolizes where traders once gathered to exchange stock.

     New York University
     50 W. 4th St.
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 998-4636
     The university offers tours of its old university.

     North Wind Undersea Institute
     610 City Island Ave.
     New York-The Bronx, New York
     (718) 885-0701
     The museum offers children hands-on exhibits of nautical items.

     Park Avenue
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     In Rochester, New York visit Park Avenue when looking for a boutique, art gallery, specialty shop, cafe, restaurant, pub, deli, salon, and much more!

     Pierpont Morgan Library
     29 East 36th Street
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 685-0610
     The library was the private library of J. Pierpont Morgan and contains exhibits.

     Poe Cottage
     E. Kingsbridge Rd. at Grand Concourse
     New York-The Bronx, New York
     (718) 881-8900
     This 1812 cottage was the of Edgar Allan Poe from 1846 to 1849.

     Police Academy Museum
     235 East 20th Street
     New York-Lower Manhattan NY Harbor, New York
     (212) 477-9753
     The museum has police memorabilia emergency service exhibits.

     Prospect Park
     New York-Brooklyn, New York
     (718)965-8951 or 965-8999
     The park contains a memorial to John F. Kennedy and an arch dedicated to Civel War heroes.

     Queens Botanical Garden
     43-50 Main St.
     New York-Queens, New York
     (718) 886-3800
     The garden offers tours of its sceneric garden and a live beehive.

     Queens Museum of Art
     New York-Queens, New York
     (718) 592-9700
     The art museum has changing exhibits of art.

     Radio City Music Hall
     Avenue of the Americas
     New York-Midtown Manhattan, New York
     (212) 247-4777 or 632-4041
     This 1932 Art Deco theater offers music shows and live concerts.

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