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  • Travel and Explore Places Of Interest

     "Jackson, MS"
     Jackson, Mississippi

    In 1792, a French Canadian named Louis Le Fleur established a trading post on the banks of the Pearl River called Le Fleur's Bluff, where people traveled through the Old Natchez Trace to the Southwest. The Natchez Trace Parkway runs from Nashville to Natchez and is now a scenic highway manicured by the National Park Service. Later in 1821, the legislature for Mississippi chose Le Fleur's Bluff as the state's capital and then renamed to honor the nation's 7th president, Major General Andrew Jackson. Since then the city of Jackson has almost been destroyed by fire twice in the Civil War by Union forces. It once was burned in the July of 1863, when General William Tecumseh Sherman set Jackson on fire and the city earned a rueful nickname "Chimneyville." The Old Capitol is now a historical museum and shows the early history of the state. Other museums to visit in the city are the Jim Buck Ross Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the Oaks House Museum, and the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center. Places worth exploring are Battlefield Park, where the Confederate trenches can be seen from the Civil War, the New Capitol, Mynelle Gardens, City Hall, the Jackson Zoological Park, the Manship House, the Govenor's Mansion, headquarters for generals W. T. Sherman and Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War. Events to see and hear include, the Jackson Zoo Blues at the Jackson Zoological Park on the 1st Saturday in April, the Jubilee Jam on the 3rd weekend in May at One Jackson Place, the Mississippi State Fair, and the Dixie National Livestock Show shows in February for the first 3 weeks. Today Jackson is Mississippi's largest city and is a major distribution center for Mississippi's metropolis.

     City Hall
     219 S. President Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 960-1084
     It is one of the few buildings that is remaining after Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman's troops set fire to the city in July of 1863.

     Farish Street Historical District
     Amite Street across to Fortification Street and Mill Street to Lamar Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 949-4000
     A historic neighborhood spanning over 100 years old.

     H. T. Sampson Library
     1700 John R. Lynch Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 979-2123
     The library offers books, rare book collections, African artifacts, and portraits.

     Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau
     921 North President Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 960-1891 or (800) 354-7695
     The center presents visitor's with the area's info and provides a convention facility to meet at.

     Jackson State University
     1400 John R. Lynch Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 962-2272
     Probably the best higher-learning institution in Mississippi.

     Jackson Zoological Park
     2918 W. Capitol Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 352-2580
    The zoo offers more than 500 animals from around the world.

     Manship House Museum
     420 E. Fortification St.
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 961-4724
     It's a Gothic Revival house that was constucted in 1857 by Charles Henry Manship.

     Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry/National Agricultural Aviation Museum
     1150 Lakeland Drive
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 354-6113
     This 39-acre complex has four areas of exhibits about technological and economic events that changed American life.

     Mississippi Museum of Art
     201 E. Pascagoula Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 960-1515
     The art museum offers changing and permanent exhibits of international, national, and regional artwork.

     Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
     2148 Riverside Drive
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 354-7303
     The museum offers ecological exhibits, mounted wildlife specimens, and a technical library.

     Mississippi State Capitol
     400 High Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 359-3114
    The capitol was built from 1901 to 1903 and offers tours of the state capitol.

     Municipal Art Gallery
     839 N. State Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 960-1582
     The gallery presents a small collection of contemporary paintings and some monthly changing exhibits.

     Mynelle Gardens
     4736 Clinton Blvd.
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 960-1894
    The gardens feature six acres of botanical gardens with scenery.

     New Stage Theatre
     1100 Carlisle Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 948-3531
     The theatre's mission is to provide professional entertainment of the highest quality for the people of Mississippi area.

     Oaks House Museum, The
     823 N. Jefferson St.
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 353-9339
     The museum was built in 1846 and was also occupied by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman.

     Old Capitol Museum
     100 S. State St.
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 359-6920
     The capitol was completed in 1838, now houses the State Historical Museum, and offers self-guiding tours.

     Russell C. Davis Planetarium/Ronald McNair Space Theater
     201 E. Pascagoula Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 960-1550
     The center offers programs of astronomy, science, art, and travel.

     Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center
     528 Bloom Street
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 960-1457
     The center is housed in Jackson's first public school building for African-Americans and has exhibits of the lives, culture, and history of African-American Mississippians.

     Tougaloo College
     500 W. County Line Road
     Jackson, Mississippi
     (601) 977-7842
     The college was built in 1869 and still produces some of the nation's top Black professionals.

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