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  • Travel and Explore Places Of Interest

     "Albuquerque, NM"
     Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Founded in 1706 by Francisco Cuervo y Valdez along the Rio Grande River,Albuquerque is now home of a million people. Economics of this part of New Mexico is driven by retail, commercial business, and industry. Residents proudly show off what remains of Route 66 in and around the community. Old Town, the historic district, is filled with gift shops, restaurants, galleries, and San Felipe de Neri Church. Albuquerque events include: International Balloon Fiesta, Fiery Food Show, Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival, Fiestas de Albuquerque, and numerous ethnic and cultural festivals.

     Albuquerque Aquarium
     2601 Central Ave. N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 764-6200
    The aquarium exhibits a story line of the Rio Grande River to the Gulf Of Mexico, a walk through moray eel tunnel, an artificial coral reef, and a 285,000 gallon shark tank. Also a restaurant and a gift shop are included in the museum.

     Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB)
     20 First Plaza
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 842-9918 or (800) 733-9918
     Founded in 1980, ACVB an official organization that market's Albuquerque as a visitor area. ACVB represent over 900 organizations and companies in the community areas of Albuquerque. Brochures and tour information are also available.

     Albuquerque Country Club
     P.O. Box 7291, 87194
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 839-4429
     Country club and golf courses.

     Albuquerque Museum, The
     2000 Mountain Rd.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 243-7255
     One of the first solar-heated museums in the country. Exhibits include art, history and science. A display of 400 years of history about the Rio Grande Valley.

     Anderson Valley Vineyards
     4920 Rio Grande Blvd. N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 344-7266
    The winery was founded in 1973 by Maxie and Patty Anderson. The vineyard offers wine tasting, sales, parties, food, and tours.

     Archaeology and Material Culture Museum
     22 Calvary Road
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 281-2005
     Explore archaeology and other related materials. The museums featured exhibit is a 12,000 year timeline which starts with the Ice Age and ends with the Battle of Wounded Knee.

     Art Museum
     Fine Arts Center, Cornell St. and Redondo Dr. N.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 277-4001
     The Art Museum contains paintings, artifacts dating the 19th century to the contemporary periods,photographs and prints.

     Beach Waterpark, The
     1600 Desert Surf Loop
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 345-6066
     The park started in 1987 and contains 7 slides, a lazy river, a kiddie pool area and a wave pool. Also includes an arcade, picnic grounds, site concessions and volleyball courts.

     Block Party
     4595 San Matero N.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 255-5003 or 875-0603
     Indoor fun for adults & families featuring video games, virtual reality, motion simulator rides, pool tables, air hockey, and a sports bar'n grill.

     Camel Rock Casino
     Hwy 84/285
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     The premises include a hotel as well as full "Live Action" games such as blakjack, slots, poker, craps, and bingo.

     Cities of Gold
     Rt 11 Box 21 B
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (800) 843-5156 or 455-3313
     The casino is open 24 hours daily and has a delicious buffet. Contains over 700 Las Vegas stlye slots.

     Cliff's Amusement Park
     4800 Osuna Rd. N.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 881-9373
     An entertainment park filled with more than 20 great rides, live shows, and food.

     Discovery Zone Fun Center
     6300 San Mateo Blvd. NE
     Albuquerque, New Mexico

     Exploral Science Center
     40 First Plaza Ste. 68
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 842-6188
    The center consist of live demonstrations and hands-on exhibits pertaining to science.

     Geology Museum of the University of New Mexico
     200 Yale Blvd.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 277-4204
     The museum shows off exhibits about minerals, the geology of the Earth, and the geological time periods.

     Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
     2401 12th St. N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 843-7270 or (800) 766-4405
     The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a museum center for displaying the art, culture, and history of the 19 Pueblos in New Mexico. The Center also includes live preformances free to the public and gifts from the gift shops.

     Isleta Gaming Palace
     11000 Broadway S.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 869-2614 or (800) 460-5686
     Features accommodations to stay, Vidoe Casino, Isleta "21", Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Keno, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Pull-Tabs, Jackpot Poker, High Stakes Bingo, and more.

     Jonson Gallery of the University of New Mexico Art, The
     1909 Las Lomas N.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 277-4967
     The art gallery contains and displays the works of Raymond Jonson as well as other painters.

     Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
     Redondo Dr.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 277-4405
     The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology contains collections about the early man and concentrates on the native cultures of the American Southwest.

     Meteorite Museum
     200 Yale Blvd.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 277-2747
     The Meteorite Museum opened in 1974 and contains exhibits of meteorites found around the world. Also teaches and does research on space and planetary sciences.

     Mission of San Agustin De Isleta
     Isleta Pueblo, use I-25 south
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 869-3398
     Mission of San Agustin De Isleta was built in 1613 by Fray Juan de Salas. Restored in 1692 after being partially burned, the church is still in use today.

     National Atomic Museum
     Kirtland Air Force Base, Building 20358 on Wyoming Blvd.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 284-3243
     The National Atomic Museum exhibits the history of nuclear weapons, missiles, and bombs. You can watch the Manhattan Project documentary. A B-29 bomber, F-105 fighter and B-52 bomber are displayed ouside.

     New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
     1801 Mountain Rd. N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 841-2800 or 841-2878
     The New Mexico Museum of Natural History is a center for informal science education and features exhibits of a walk-through volcano, an ice age cave, a time machine, a sea aquarium (salt water) and includes plenty of full-size dinosaurs. The museum follows the natural history theme "A Journey Through Time". You can view a spectacular film at the giant-screen Dynamax Theater. Also one can stop by NatureWorks, the Museum store or the Supway Sandwich Shop for a snack.

     Old Town
     North of the Central Ave. N.W. (US 66)
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
    The site was founded in 1706 and is located on the oringinal site. The site is dedicated to Duke of Albuquerque and this historic Spanish-style plaza includes shops, galleries, museums, restaurants, and hotels.

     Petroglyph National Monument
     West Mesa - two miles west of Albuquerque
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     Pre-historic rock images.

     Petroglyph National Monument
     6001 Unser Blvd. N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 899-0205 or 839-4429
    The monument offers over 15,000 prehistoric Indian carvings on the 17-mile-long West Mesa escarpment and pre-historic rock images.

     Planet Fun
     2266 Wyoming NE
     Albuquerque, New Mexico

     Rainbow Ryders Inc.
     10305 Nita Place N.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 293-0000 or 823-1111 or (800) 725-2477
     Rainbow Ryders offers year-round weather permitting hot air balloon rides over the Rio Grande River and is the Official Ride Concession for the Albuuerque International Balloon Fiesta.

     Rio Grande Botanic Garden
     2601 Central Ave. N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 764-6200
     A Spanish and English formal walled landscaped garden designed with ironwork, tile, plants and water features. The garden includes 2 conservatories a Desert Pavilion and a Mediterranean Pavilion.

     Rio Grande Nature Center State Park
     2901 Candelaria Rd. N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 344-7240
    The park is a wildlife preserve along the Rio Grande with 2 miles of partially wooded trails, 3 acres of pond & marsh, and a visitor center.

     Rio Grande Zoological Park
     903 Tenth St. S.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 843-7413
    The Rio Grande Zoological Park includes over 200 species. The zoo includes entertainment and live shows. Some of the featured animals include polar bears, tigers, gorillas, bison, seal, sea lions, and others.

     Sandia Casino
     I-25 & Tramway
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 897-2173 or (800) 526-9366
    The casino offer a wide range of Las Vegas style casino games in addition to bingo. Also a gourmet buffet is available 3 times a day and a Subway Sandwich shop is open 24 hours daily.

     Sandia Crest
     SR 536
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 281-3304 or 243-0605
     The Sandia Crest center offers a panoramic view of 15,000 square miles, hiking trails, wildlife, gift shops, and restaurants.

     Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway
     10 Tramway Loop N.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505)856-6419 or 856-7325
    This 2.7-mile tramway is the longest single-span tramway in the world which transports visitors above the deep canyons and around the Sandia Mountains. Also skiing and snowboarding are offered in the area as well as a few dining spots.

     Sandia Shadows Vineyard and Winery
     11704 Coronado N.E.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 856-1006 or 298-8826
     The vineyard offers some of the best wine in New Mexico, tours, and a magnificent view of the Sandia Mountains.

     Science Center & Children's Museum of Albuquerque
     800 Rio Grande
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 842-1537
     A hands-on learning experience for children. Features include a computer lab, an art room, and bubbles. Children can also pick up fun, educational toys in the gift shop.

     Tinkertown Museum
     121 Sandia Crest Rd.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 281-5233
     The museum shows a miniature Western town with moving mechanical people and vehicles carved from wood. The museum is surrounded by a fence made up of 48,000 bottles and cement.

     Turquoise Museum, The
     2107 Central N.W.
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505) 247-8650 or (800) 821-7443
     See rare turquoise from around the world and a mine tunnel replica.

     University of New Mexico
     Central Ave. (US 66)
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     AT UNM you can take advantage of academic and professional programs that consistently rank among the top in universities across the US, year after year.

     World Balloon Corp.
     4800 Eubank, NE
     Albuquerque, New Mexico
     (505)293-6800 or (800)351-9588
     World Balloon, the oldest full service balloon company in the Southwest offers balloon rides and provides FFA-approved flight instruction, balloon sales, and advertising promotions.

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